Tuesday, October 16, 2012 in Braunschweig,
Staedtisches Museum 7:30 p.m. 


The Spohr Society of the United States
        Prof. Susan Owen-Leinert, Michael Leinert:

'With sincere respect and friendship'
Mit inniger Hochachtung und Freundschaft

Die persoenliche und berufliche Beziehung der Komponisten-Kollegen
Louis Spohr und Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

The lecture introduces the revealing correspondence of the two friends during
the creation of their oratorios
- which includes musical examples
and our exhibition of historical materials from the time of Spohr and  Mendelssohn.

We received the invitation for this lecture from the Braunschweigische Louis Spohr Gesellschaft,
President Matthias Stanze.
The KonzertChor Braunschweig (the Braunschweig Concert Choir)  attended our lecture.
The chorus performed selections from oratorios by Louis Spohr and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.
The auditorium was overcrowded, extra chairs had to be brought in before we could start the lecture
which was a great success. The applause of the enthusiastic audience was overwhelming.

   This was the first performance in the atrium of the Staedtisches Museum of Braunschweig after years of renovation.
   The director of the museum Dr. Cecilie Hollberg made opening statements for the event and greeted us
   with warm words of welcome. She described it as an honor and a pleasure for the museum to have Prof. Owen-Leinert
   from the University of Memphis, Tennessee, together with her husband as international speakers
to inaugurate the new lecture hall.
   She acknowledged with pleasure the large audience that proved that this first event in the new museum
had roused great interest among the citizens of the city of Braunschweig, the birthplace of the composer.

Clara Schumann (played by actress J.M.Nauhaus.
Photo: Monika Heidemann)


Robert Schumann's wife Clara bought this grand piano
from Grotrian-Steinweg, Braunschweig, in 1879.
The piano is now in the possession of the
Staedtisches Museum in Braunschweig.
As a 15 year old composer and pianist
Clara Wieck dedicated her Piano Concerto
in A minor Op. 7 to Louis Spohr.

         The museum in Braunschweig has a rich collection of rare
musical instruments,
among others you can find  Louis Spohr's violin
which he played as a young boy.
Spohr was next to Paganini
 the most famous violin virtuoso of his time.
 Photo: Susanne Heidt

After the lecture the President of the Louis Spohr Society of Braunschweig, Matthias Stanze
thanked us for the excellent lecture. He stated, that after such inspiration he should announce his plans
for the first recording of Spohr's forgotten oratorio 'The Fall of Babylon'
with the Concert Choir and the Staatsorchester Braunschweig.
As a surprise Mr. Stanze presented us with a culinary specialty
which was introduced for the first time in conjunction with our lecture event:
A chocolate praline was newly created by the well-known confectioner Konditorei & Cafe Haertle in Braunschweig
with the closely correlated name \Feine Spohr Achtel\ or \Fine Spohr Eighths'
which follows the tradition of the famous 'Mozart Kugeln' so popular in Austria and Germany

In response The Spohr Society of the United States had a gift
for  President Matthias Stanze at hand:
an uniquely created coffee mug from the U.S.A. with an image of Louis Spohr.

The lecture has also received positive reviews from various music professionals in Germany:
'Die Fachkenntnis und spannende Vortragsweise der Referenten war beeindruckend,
besonders aber war Frau Prof. Owen-Leinerts akzentfreie deutsche Aussprache geradezu bewundernswert!\
[transl.: The excellent knowledge and the exciting performance of both speakers was really impressive,
especially the German diction of Prof. Susan Owen-Leinert without an accent was admirable.]


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