Did Louis Spohr compose a “Vocalise” ?
The correct answer is: No!

Paul Barker: Composing for Voice:
A Guide for Composers, Singers, and Teachers. London 2004,
p. 121, 124.

(online: http://books.google.de/books?id=faK5gXuLE3gC&pg=PA121)

In his book the author, Professor Paul Alan Barker writes:
"The form of vocalize as a basis for a complete composition dates back at least to Spohr,
whose Sonata for Voice and Piano Op. 138 of 1848 suggested an important development
of wordless vocal music" (page 121).
This assertion is absolutely wrong!
Louis Spohr's op.138 is a song with words, using the musical form of a "sonatina". 
Text by Johann Karl Ritter Braun von Braunthal (1802 - 1866). The name of the poem is "An Sie am Clavier".
Louis Spohr himself stated in his list of works "Eigenes Werkverzeichnis" EWV Nr. 232; January 1848: "Lied" (song).
See also the title of the first edition by Luckhardt in Kassel, 1848 (Print plate No. 74):
"An Sie am Clavier", Gedicht von Braun von Braunthal,
in Musik gesetzt als
More information about this "Lied" in our edition, Vol. 4, Edition Dohr 29954 (2010).

This error can be find also in other publications, for example:

Kathryn Susan Chilcote, The Vocalise Art Song, DMA thesis, University of Oregon 1991.

The Oxford Dictionary of Musical Works, edited by Alison Latham, Oxford 2004, p. 176
(online: http://books.google.de/books?id=8q3gOcsO9hoC&pg=PA176).


Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocalise

The error resumes:

In the dictionary Grove Music / Oxford Music Online

Owen Jander writes in the chapter “Vocalise”:
“In 1848 Spohr wrote a Sonatina for voice and piano in which the voice is used very much like a solo instrument
(a violin or a flute), but it was not until the early 20th century that leading composers
turned in any great number to the vocalise as a concert piece. “
Jander's Bibliography:
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